Why buy from us

Why shop with us?

One of the many benefits of shopping with us that most of our customers have learned to like and appreciate is that we show the prices of the products sold through our website in both Czech korunas, Euros and US dollars. And the price you see is also the price you pay. Our competition largely accepts orders in one currency only. As a consequence, the final price often differs from what you expect due to exchange rate fluctuations. What we do instead is that we update the prices daily to reflect the fluctuations on your behalf. But that is not the only reason why you should shop with us.

Best prices
We offer very competitive prices and we keep one of largest product stocks in the Czech Republic.

Ben-Zerba is a company you can trust. We are a member of a corporate group that has pursued the business in this field for over 20 years.

Brick and mortar business
We are more than just a run-of-the-mill mail order service – we are a proper brick and mortar business. You are welcome to visit our store at any time and to inspect all our models in person. In our store, we even sell some models that are not available through our website.

100% online
Our system is automatically updated with every click of the mouse and every keystroke. Many of our competitors update their systems no more than once a day (usually at night), which means that you may end up ordering goods that are no longer on stock. This will never happen to you when you shop with us.

No amount or quantity limitations
Most e-shops offer their goods for sale only if you pay a certain minimum purchase price or if you order a certain minimum quantity of goods. We don’t think that’s fair. If our customer wishes to buy even one tiny little component, we will gladly sell it. We respect the wishes of all our customers and we always do our best to fulfill them to their utmost satisfaction.

We run our an in-house service and repair centre.

Authorized dealer
We are an authorized dealer for brands such as Märklin, Trix, Roco, Fleischmann, Noch and many others.

Special orders
If you are looking for a special product that you could not find at our website, you may write us to info@ben-zerba.cz and we will locate the product and deliver it to you.

Worldwide shipping
We ship and send our goods to any place in the world.

What you order today we ship today
Most e-shops ship their goods once or twice a week. Depending on your shipping preferences, we are prepared to send the order on the same day or the next day at the latest, if you place the order in the evening.

Payment options
We accept VISA and MasterCard, credit transfers, PayPal, cash-on-delivery or payment by cash in our store.

All our goods are covered by a 24-month warranty.

Quality packing
Although we are not the only shop on the market that offers worldwide shipping, many of our competitors do not pack the goods carefully enough. We, on the other hand, pay a great deal of attention to the protection of your goods from accidental damage.

We appreciate your input
We are truly grateful for any comments or proposals that help us improve the quality of our services. Please send your comments to info@ben-zerba.cz.

Your Ben-Zerba Team