D4 00004 Wilesco 2 Candles Steam Engine

Novelty 2017 - 2 Candles Steam Engine

This Wilesco steam engine is smaller than any of our models up to now. Heated with two special candles  the filligree oscillating cylinder purrs up and down and drives briskly the sparkling flywheel. You will take delight in watching this mechanical masterpiece. The boiler capacity lasts for a run of more than 30 minutes.

Diameter and length boiler 45 x 115 mm
Capacity of boiler 135 cm3
Diameter of flywheel 35 mm
Fuel svíčka 2x 

Do not use other candles than original Wilesco!

Dimensions: 120 x 130 x 155 mm   

Producer: WILESCO

In stock: Yes

Warranty: 24 months

Common price: 3 349,- Kč Incl. VAT

Your price: 3 209,- Kč Incl. VAT

Including recycling fee: 0,- Kč Incl. VAT


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