36520 Roco TT Diesel locomotive Class Rh T 679.1 "Sergej" of the CSD

Novelty 2022 - Diesel locomotive Class  Rh T 679.1 "Sergej" of the CSD

Epoch:  IV - VI

Length over Buffers: 146 mm

Minimum radius: 267 mm

Producer: ROCO

In stock: Yes

Warranty: 24 months

Common price: 4 776,- Kč Incl. VAT

Your price: 4 585,- Kč Incl. VAT

Including recycling fee: 0,- Kč Incl. VAT

Scale / Gauge: TT - 1:120
Class: T679
Railway: CSD
Power: DC - direct current
System / version: Analog + NEM 651 connector (6-pin)
Coupling: standard 'TT'
Color: Red
Epoche: IV - V (1968 - )
Locomotive: Diesel
Product status: New and unused


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